Monday, December 15, 2008

waiting her turn~

This has been the year that I’ve been inspired to make birthday crowns for each of our children. These crowns are to be special and only worn on their birthday. Seeing two birthdays nearly back to back, Elise has been waiting for her birthday to arrive and crown to be made.

supplies to make birthday crown

The ribbon is vintage from Les Bon Ribbon, and the wool felt is from A Child's Dream Come True.

Traditionally I have made the other two crowns the eve of the child’s birthday, so why change things now and have less stress, right?! So the crown was sewn on Saturday night {late} and all the preparations were made of hanging the birthday banner, wrapping the presents, and setting up the birthday table for the morning reveal.

birthday morning

We all came downstairs together while Elise discovered her new crown on the table with baby pictures and birthday ring. We lit the three candles and she blew {with some help} them out.

knitted legwarmers

After a long day and many memories made, I found her passed out on the floor. Notice the leggings . . . she pulled off her tights at some point and put them on without any help! I was quite amused and thrilled at the same time of her appreciation of something handmade just for her.

sleeping birthday girl


This morning she was excited to wear her new knitted hat until it got to be 60 degrees outside {we had an unusually warm day for December}.

knitted roll brim hat

She had a really great day that was created all for her.


life in the bizzy lane said...

looks like a great day filled with wonderful gifts! i love the croen ! is it your own pattern?

life in the bizzy lane said...

that should have said crown ! my fingers go faster than my brain :o)

Leslie said...

I used Soule Mama's crown pattern from her book The Creative Family.

Deborah said...

Elises' shiny eyes look so much filled with joy and happiness! Sweet post indeed! You made everything so lovely, the legwarmers are just perfect for her as we can see. Cute girl' you have here!