Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Putting it all away ~

banister decorations

paper decorations

handful of stockings

I couldn't stand it any longer, I spent most of the day putting what I could away of the Christmas decorations that were in almost every room of the house. Try as I might, I kept running into dead ends, little ones needing me, pleading 'don’t put that away', 'hang that back up!!' I really am a minimalist at heart – now if you really know me, you’re probably laughing about now, but I start to twitch a little when things go haywire for too long. I’ll call on friends to come over to help, I tend to get too overwhelmed to even start wrestling with the messes. So the next few days will be purposed for getting the house back in order which means getting our family back in order as well, even the dreaded laundry.

drawing skylines

And while I cleaned . . . Lena found some drawing to catch up on – she’s been enjoying Crockett Johnson’s Purple Crayon books this week. We’ve been reading Harold and the Purple Crayon, which inspired her to draw this skyline from the book, as well as Harold and the North Pole, and A Picture for Harold’s Room. These books are a great source of inspiration for young artists needing to try out their new art materials!

drawing skylines

Yes, finding a place for everything, a good little dusting, and in a few days everything should be back to normal. {sigh . . . }


Beth said...

Uh, I know! I am sick of the tree being in the way and will be packing it away this weekend.