Wednesday, December 24, 2008

some cookie making ~

The kitchen was designated as the cookie making area today. All other eating had to be done in the dining room (where we rarely eat since it tends to be my sewing studio 90% of the time). Last night {at 2:00am} the elves closed down shop for the year. All preparations had been finished for Santa’s big night of deliveries and all was put away {into my largest laundry basket} and whisked upstairs into the guest room where it will stay until . . . sometime in the New Year when I can get to it. As for now, I’m spending all my time loving up on my children today and making as many cookies as we can possibly stand!!!

cookie making

cutting cookies


my favorite vintage cutters

These are two of my favorite vintage cookie cutters.

plate of cookies

May all your dreams come true tonight ~ Merry Christmas!!