Sunday, December 21, 2008

gifts of warmth ~

With today being the official beginning of the Winter season, I thought it would be fun to begin it with a new family tradition of knitted hats, or gifts of warmth. What a fun way to express my love through handwork to our family.

I spent the last three days frantically knitting Jonmichael’s hat. The girls’ hats have been finished for about a month. What is it about the last minute gifts? They are adrenaline building and stressful, but fun stress . . . sometimes crafting stress is good for the soul!!

gifts of warmth

gifts of warmth

We also celebrated with a fun book about the Shortest Day of the Year.

The Shortest Day - a book about the Winter Solstice

May your Winter Days ahead be full of warmth, love, and joy!

gifts of warmth


Deborah said...

i love these picturs of your children... so sweet! What a great family you have, Leslie!